Built by property investors; for property investors!


Say goodbye to all your property spreadsheets.

Being property investors, we know how hard it can be to manage potential investment opportunities, especially if you have to use spreadsheets.

Features You'll Adore

Crunch the numbers

Enter your DUV and rent and MyPropertyApp will calculate the cashflow, without the need for a spreadsheet or a calculator.

Calculate your offer

Work out your maximum offer, including any costs, Stamp Duty, profits, or even if you have to leave money in the deal.

Visualise your properties

See all of your properties or different strategies in a table, or plot them onto a map with colour indicators.

Schedule tasks and

Need to follow up on an offer? Set a reminder, the site will prompt you of your outstanding tasks.

...and a couple more.

Save all your properties
Build up a database of the details of all your potential investment properties.
Store notes & photos
Store all your property notes & photos in one convenient place; linked to the property
No software installation
It all works through your internet browser on your computer, and even on your phone or tablet


£ 15 per month